2nd Meeting (2014)
Prague, Czech Republic


Turkey: Kivanc Tekstil, Ozyegin University
Cehia: Inotex, Prague Institute of Public Health
Romania: Hofigal, Conflux, Proxima-Moda, I.N.C.D.T.P.

On 9/21-24/2014 the Tickotex M8 meeting was held in Prague, Czech Republic, within the Conference Room of Hotel Galerie Royale.

During the meeting, the following aspects of the project were discussed:
• Selection of plants with repellent properties. Up to this moment five plant extracts were selected: rosemary, juniper, lavender, orange and eucalyptus, and only 3 of these extracts will be used, with the highest concentration of active substance, efficient against ticks
• Legislative regulations regarding the selection of plants with repellent properties, proposed by Hofigal. These extracts must comply with European regulations imposed by Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH).
• Industry partners discussed the final form of multifunctional materials, the final selection being made from the following categories of clothing: sports, protection equipment, rangers suits, pants, arm-bands, beds for leisure, leisure articles.
• In the next state, INCDTP will focus on physical-chemical analysis of extracts provided by Hofigal (by chromatography tehniques: HPLC/GC-MS, TLC) and on further antimicrobial testing of the extracts, in different concentrations, in both fluid form and deposited on the fabrics.