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The Company was founded more than 60 years ago and has grown to become a vertical fabric producer covering all crucial textile production steps from spinning to finishing.The Company operates from a single large manufacturing facility located in Adana.The Company’s products are split into two main product groups: fabric and yarn; importantly, yarn is also the major input for the Company’s own fabric production. The Company’s fabrics are used mainly for men’s and women’s outerwear.

New Investments
Knowing the importance of customer service and lead times, Kıvanç had invested in a brand new dyeing and finishing mill together with a power generating unit in 2005 amounting 30 million USD. The plant started functioning in first quarter of 2006. Loom capacity tripled in 2013 reached 210, Dye & Finishing capacity increased 50% in 2013. This had enabled a vertical integration, product proliferation with diversified finishing techniques which will enhance customer satisfaction.

Since the foundation of the company Kıvanc had engaged with production and trade of textile products, had earned a reputable name in domestic market. Besides supplying yarn and fabrics to local markets, Kıvanç service and products are highly appreciated by well known textile manufacturers as well. The successful service has allowed Kıvanç to satisfy customer needs in relatively short lead times. Proving successful service and quick response to international market demands Kıvanc had succeeded to be in the fabric provider list of Ann Taylor, Banana, Chicco’s, Monoprix, Next, M&S, Mexx, Esprit, S Oliver, C&A, Gerry Weber, Inditex, Best Seller, and many other important role players in international textile world.


Adana Plants: 267 000 m² open 105 000 m² covered area, over 1000 employees
Open End: 15 OE machinery, 15 tones/day
Ring and Twisting Plant: 21120 spindles, 12 tones/day
Weaving Plant: 210 Picanol looms, 50 000 mt/day
Corduroy Line: 10 000 mt/day
Digital Print: 6000 mt/day
Dyeing & Finishing Plant: 60 000 mt/day

Turnover  2013: 85 Mio $ / Exports 37 Mio $

Kıvanç has the ability to spin and twist a diverse variety of fiber blends in wool, cotton, linen, viscose rayon, polyester in its ring and OE plants with a wide range starting from Ne 8 to Ne 60. In its modern finishing plant, Kıvanç is producing basically stretch and non-stretch products for men, ladies & active wear from wool, cotton, linen, viscose rayon, polyester, corduroy and their combinations.

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