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KNITVA s.r.o., founded in 1992, is a small company specialized in production of socks. It started its production wih targetting the local business on the market and within the years, it expanded its production by functional socks for outdoor and leisure. Few years ago, it has started to focus on production of socks with high added value, including military socks. In this field, the company managed to start a business cooperation with one of the most demanding customers on the Czech market, the Army of Czech Republic. Recently, the company deals mainly with the production of multifunctional socks from its own R&D. The significant partner during the research and development are companies INOTEX spol. s r.o. and VUB a.s. (Research and Innovative Company). The recent specialised product line of high quality functional socks gave the company an opportunity to expand to new foreigner markets (USA).

Main contact
KNITVA s.r.o.

Harantova, 1172
509 01 -Nova Paka> CZECH REPUBLIC
Tel. +420 493 72 11 50 > Fax. +420 492 60 36 40
Ing. Zdenek Vechet> Managing Director
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Organisation type > SME