Proxima Moda

S.C. PROXIMA MODA SRL Panciu was founded in 2002, as a limited liability company with Romanian capital manufacturing synthetic and cotton clothing. From the beginning until now, in a competitive and dynamic environment, the company has had an ascendant evolution on garments market, earning a leading position among the most important companies in the country. With over 100 employees qualified in light industry sector, and equipped with the latest technology machines, we can produce around 40000 units per month of medium complexity. We have a staff fluctuation not exceeding 1%/month. We reached this low fluctuation due to above-average wages and working conditions that we offer. Staff stability is very important in order to maintain and raise the level of quality within the company. S.C.  PROXIMA MODA SRL  Panciu has a well organized quality system with interphase quality control routines and quality control check at the end of production line.

Main contact

Ioan Slavici no. 1
625 400 -Panciu> ROMANIA
Tel. +40 237 27 58 87 > Fax. +40 237 27 58 87
Ms. Elena Stoica> CEO
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Organisation type > SME